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Help - for n00bs

You must first create an account on Le Bourg, with the first and last names you want to use for your Avatar.  Don't forget to write down these details and the password somewhere safe.  Once you receive confirmation that your account has been created, follow the steps below:

1).  You will need one of the third party viewers that can access other grids. (Example Phoenix, Imprudence, Hippo).  If you don't already use one of these to access SL, then you should download one suitable for your computer system and install it.

2).  Start the viewer. You will see an option "Grid Manager" or something like, you may need 'edit_preferences'.

3).  Open this, and you want to ADD a new grid.  Some viewers pick up the name of our Grid, "Le Bourg" In the Grid URL.  If not, type in http://lebourg.lcofrance.org:9000

4).  Click on "Get grid info" and it should fill in the remaining fields for you.  If it requires a grid nickname, you can call it what you like but 'Le Bourg' is OK.   Click Apply to save the new details and close this window.

5).  At the Log-in screen, choose the Grid you just added, type in the username and password that you used when you created your account and Click on Log-in.

You should arrive and have the basic female avatar, we call 'Ruth'.

Ruth is sort of ambiguous-looking, but it's not hard to fix that. By going into the inventory window, right-clicking on Body Parts, and then clicking on New Body Part—New Shape, you can create a body shape, then wear it.

You need to do this because, the default items on your avatar are not editable.

Once you wear that shape, you can right-click on your avatar, and select Edit Appearance. Then, edit that shape to your liking.

Once you get your shape modified, you can create basic clothing that's a little better than what's provided with Ruth, and look a bit more fashionable.


Open your inventory and under Create, select New Body Parts > Shape. This will create a new shape in your inventory. While you are at this stage, use the same procedure to create a new shirt and pants. Wear your new shape, your new shirt and new pants.

Now go into Appearance, and you will be able to change your body shape to male and edit the colours on your shirt and pants.

Thats it!... Save your new look and exit the Appearance menu.


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