Le Bourg - A virtual 3D world running on OpenSimulator

About Le Bourg

Le Bourg comprises 9 regions representing more than 50 hectares of land, villages and hamlets in Auvergne.

OpenSimulator is a server platform that enables all the objects and applications required for the 3D world, to be supplied as requested by the clients viewer.

It holds all the user's avatar details, their inventories, the regions, the assets and it controls the chat and private messages between users who are connected to the grid.

To connect to Le Bourg server you need to install a viewer application on your computer to act as the client.

A viewer is needed to login to the 3D world of the Open Simulator. Viewers are available for different Operating Systems (Apple, Windows and Linux).

While it is possible to use the SecondLife viewer, it is more convenient when building to use the Hippo Viewer which has been specially adapted to work with Open Simulator. Other suitable viewers are the Phoenix Viewer and Imprudence.

Most available viewers can be configured to the French language, or other languages (check Imprudence or Phoenix viewers) but Hippo is English only.

For a first-time visit to Le Bourg, you may log-in with user "Male Guest" or "Female Guest" using the password "visitor" in either case.

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